Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs
Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs

Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs

Introducing Dummy Vapes, by Tekashi Six9ine - Crafted with vibrant colors & a splash of paints.

This mind-blowin' device delivers up to 8000 puffs through a massive 17ml E-liquid tank. When it comes to flavor, we got you covered with a selection of 10 flavor options & a reppin' LED display that'll help you monitor the battery & E-liquid – A beastly 650mAh battery, powered through a Type C charging port will sort you out throughout the day!

They're Hot! They're Trendy! Be one of the first ones to get your hands on Dummy Vapes by Tekashi Six9ine!

10 Reppin' Flavors:

  • Mixed Berries: A fresh burst of fruity goodness with hints of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cherries.
  • Pink Lemon: A sweet and tangy explosion of ripe pink lemons with a refreshing twist.
  • Wiggly B:  A deliciously sweet gummy candy notes with light sugary highlights paired with mixed fruit flavours.
  • Sour Blue Razz: A tantalizing mix of blueberries and sour raspberries for a delightful and refreshing touch.
  • Fruit Burst: A fruity delight! Bursting with an assortment of mixed fruits that are packed with fruity goodness!
  • Grape: Indulge in the world of mixed green & purple grapes.
  • Rasp Peach Lime: Sweetness of ripe peaches and the zesty kick of lime and raspberries for a refreshing and fruity experience.
  • Banana: A splash of ripe, smooth bananas enhancing the tasty fruit flavour.
  • Strawberry Mango Watermelon: Tropical bliss with a juicy fusion of strawberries, sweet mangoes, and refreshing watermelon.
  • Blueberry Ice: A refreshing blend of sweet, juicy blueberries and a cool menthol kick.

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